Are You Responding to Facebook Messages Quickly?

IMAGINE THIS scenario.

Your wife or girlfriend sends you to the grocery to pick up something specific you need to make dinner tonight. 

You drive to the grocery store ready to buy what you need to make dinner, you spend time walking the isles to finally find what you think you need however they have 5 different brands and flavors, and you are not sure which one you need. 

You call your wife or girlfriend she doesn’t answer. You text her. She doesn’t answer.

You are holding each product in your hand reading the labels  trying to decide which one you need but have no clue. You try texting her again. No answer. 

After standing in the middle of the grocery isle for quite some time now, you either buy what you think you need or say screw it and don’t buy anything.  Only to come home with the wrong ingredient or with nothing at all which is even worse!

IMAGINE if this was a POTENTIAL customer.

They send you a message on Facebook, oftentimes a simple question and you don’t answer for a few hours or even days.

• What do you think the probability would be of that person to buy from you? Pretty un-likley right?

• How much would that cost you if you lost that potential customer?

• Hundreds or even thousands of dollars?

• How much would it cost you over the lifetime value of that potential customer?

how do you keep up with facebook messages?

1.) Make sure you have Messenger installed on your phone. You can download below.

2.) Download Facebook Page App on your phone below. This will allow you to receive push notifications when people send you a Facebook Message. 

3.) Pay attention to page notifications. By default, you will receive page notifications for when people send you a Facebook Message.

4.) Create automation to answer some of your most frequently asked questions like: "Where are you located? What are your hours?" Set up your Greeting Message, Welcome Message and Main Menu. 

Don't know how to set it all up to make your life easier?

You’re in luck! We can help you getting everything set up so you are not stuck spinning your wheels and losing out on sales.



For the last five years, Jeff M. Vanasdal has been working for Can-Am Off-Road as the Global Community Manager. In his role, he helped Can-Am Off-Road generate authentic engaging conversations and helped grow their social media accounts to over 2 million followers.

Now, Jeff and his team of developers and marketing experts work with numerous off-road and watercraft companies to grow their businesses with unique omni-channel marketing and lead generation. 

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