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Lead Gen to Get New Clients.

We typically deploy at least two types of campaigns: prospecting and retargeting. Normally we’ll craft several variants of ad copy to test with multiple pieces of content of carefully selected creative. Then we retarget your most engaged prospects. 

customers find you with us.

Introduce new customers to your brand while they browse social media including Facebook and Instagram, Google and YouTube. Generate sales through strategic targeting and effective copy with clear calls to action.

Get More Sales.

Want to get your products in front of enthusiasts eager to buy? We can we can run product ads to target your demographic with sniper like focus. Ever see an ad almost immediately for a product you were just looking at? 

Yea we do that. And it works. 

This includes video views, instagram activity, website behavior, cart abandonment, etc. We then use that data retarget those prospects. Our marketing campaigns can also be optimized for up-selling, meaning they may already have a product in their checkout cart, but you may have products that can be paired with an existing product to make their experience even better. We can train the algorithms to improve average transaction value – thus increasing your ROI and net profit.

Custom Audiences and User Data.

Two words: lookalike audiences. Send us data about your best customers, and we’ll have Facebook’s AI get to work finding more customers just like them. We can also start from scratch, carefully researching your brand to build segmented audiences with tightly themed interests.

Did we mention we know off-road. 😉

It’s important to measure and minimize the overlap between audiences, and we also help you avoid ad fatigue, meaning your audience isn’t going to get annoyed seeing the same add multiple times.

Sync Platforms for Instagram Ads.
Yes, we do Instagram Ads. In fact, they’re built into Facebook Ads by default so you can almost do it without trying. We’ll typically run a campaign on both networks to get started, but we like to focus the spend on whichever performs better once we start to observe trends. Your brand is probably a good fit for Instagram if you have strong creative content. Text is less visible on Instagram, so we usually highlight images, videos, and stories.
our facebook and instagram services include:
how payments are made.

There are three separate links that you can make a payment that are due after the kickoff meeting. 

The links are as followed:

  1. One-time payment for account set up.
  2. Google / YouTube Monthly Agency Fee [subscription]
  3. Facebook / Instagram Monthly Agency Fee [subscription]
cancelation of service.

As part of our company wide motto, “Refuse to Average” we take it very seriously in all aspects of our business. That also pertains to our cancelation policy. 

We pride ourselves on providing excellent services and outstanding products which have built our companies since day one, simply through word of mouth. 

If you ever come across an issue or have a question, please do not hesitate to ask. 

We offer a “cancel anytime policy” if you are ever unhappy with our products or services. 

All we ask is to give us a heads up 30 days prior to make it right or to close your accounts. 

What we need from you on your end.
client onboarding form.

To make things easier and organized for both parties, we created a form for all new clients. You can fill out the form by clicking on the button below.

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