stage 1: account access - 3 business day turnaround

In order to make sure that we launch the account within a reasonable time period, we’re asking that you give us access to Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager within the first 3 business days after submitting the service request form. [If you filled out the Client Onboarding Form we should have everything we need to get things set up]

Note: If you want quicker turnaround times, this is the area to shave off time.  If we receive all the access we need on day 1, then we should be able to get your account built in 7 business days.

stage 2: account build - 7 business day turnaround

Once we have confirmed access, our Account Operations department will start working on conversion tracking, targeting, copywriting, reporting, etc. If you would like to approve ads before they go live, please let us know if you haven’t already and we’ll get some previews over to you. 

If you will be designing the ads on your end, we will be providing you the sizing and formatting we will need for each. 

(Note: The ad approval process can slow down launch times, especially if revisions are requested). If you do not need to approve ads, we will launch the campaign once it’s built and let you know it is live.

stage 3: account optimization & reporting

When the account(s) goes live, it will start gathering click data. Initially, we will make small adjustments (e.g. adding negative keywords, slight bid adjustments, etc.) to help ensure that we are getting the campaign off to a good start.  As the click data starts becoming larger and more significant, we will make more informed optimizations (e.g. A/B testing ads, dialing in bid optimizations, etc.)

Ongoing optimization is very important.  Guarding against things like ad-fatigue, making sure CPC’s [Cost Per Click] don’t creep up too high, and pruning what isn’t working requires time and data.  Optimizations such as dayparting and demographic bid adjustments take time as well, so it’s imperative that our clients stick around for the long haul to see the most optimal results.

All of our accounts will also receive written bi-monthly updates  which explain what we’ve been doing in the account, trends, etc. In addition, you will be provided with a live dashboard that will allow you to see the performance of the account in real-time.